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Various Men’s Health Clips:

Are You Addicted to Nostalgia?

Why You Should Forgive Your Douchebag Friends

Survive the Shark Tank!

I Answered Every Single Email Sent to Me For One Day. Here’s How Much Work I Actually Got Done

Let’s Talk About ‘Locker Room Talk’

Why Your Favorite Sports Team Is Slowly Killing You

How to Throw a Bachelor Party You’ll Never Forget

Why Having a Big Penis is a Huge Pain in the Ass

I Spent a Day Wearing Women’s High Heels, for Some Reason

Aydian Dowling Vies to Become the First Trans Person on the Cover of Men’s Health

The Best Fall Beers: 2016

The Best Summer Beers: 2016

Why the NFL Draft Is Better Than the Super Bowl

This Guy Looks Like a Strongman, Moves Like a Ninja, and Performs the Most Insane Fitness Stunts You’ll Ever See

This Man’s Rap Sheet Once Boasted 32 Counts of Aggravated Auto Theft. Now He’s Being Called a Hero

25 Douchey Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing

Doctor Reveals the 5 Craziest Penis Conditions He’s Ever Treated

Smile Through the Struggle

New Heart, New Start

The Orgasm Flu

The 25 Most Annoying Types Of People On Facebook

Before Abs, the Baby Pictures

The 20 Best Triathlons in America

Professional Easter Bunnies Reveal the Darkest Secrets of Their Job

Life in the MLB Fan Cave

How Tragedy Can Motivate You to Perform Better

The 20 Best Running Songs of All Time

The Greatest Olympic Moments of All Time

Some Famous People I’ve Talked To:

Terry Bradshaw

Drew Brees

Jadeveon Clowney

Jennifer Coolidge

Anthony Davis

Brooklyn Decker

Landon Donovan

Dr. Ruth

Braylon Edwards

Rich Eisen

John Elway

Chris Evans

Larry Fitzgerald

Nick Foles

Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg, a.k.a. Mike and Mike

Adrian Gonzalez

A.J. Green

Rob Gronkowski

Jrue Holiday

Glenn Howerton

Kyrie Irving

Carly Rae Jepsen

Tommy Lasorda


Mario Lopez

Andrew Luck

John Madden

Eli Manning

Marcus Mariota


Cam Newton

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Shaquille O’Neal

Adrian Peterson

Aubrey Plaza

Danny Pudi

Rex Ryan

Adam Scott

CC Sabathia

Mark Sanchez

Karl-Anthony Towns

Vanilla Ice


Some Videos I’ve Starred In:

Are These Sex Toys or Fishing Lures? You Decide!

MUSIC VIDEO! The Get-Laid Serenade

Evan Turner: The Men’s Health Internship Experience

How to Get People to Like You

Your Best Poker Face

Learn Wine Lingo

How to Parallel Park Better

For More:

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