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I’m a Pennsylvania-based writer, editor, and content strategist with veteran experience generating irresistible stories and special projects at thriving digital brands. My track record shows a large volume of work production, excellent reader engagement, and a deep understanding of what makes highly clickable web, social, and multimedia content, coupled with the editorial skill to ensure it meets the highest standard of quality.

For seven years I climbed the masthead at Men’s Health, the world’s largest men’s magazine brand. Most recently as the senior editor for, I wrote, assigned, and edited more than 50 weekly news and feature stories covering culture, sports, health, science, fitness, sex, relationships, travel, and food and nutrition, all designed to exceed ambitious traffic goals while continuing to serve readers.

At Men’s Health I managed the creation of dozens of custom edit centers to fulfill high-revenue advertising campaigns; developed ambitious, ongoing features like Everyday Heroes—a showcase of regular, inspiring Men’s Health readers—that utilized all of the brand’s editorial arms, including video; spearheaded the efforts to boost affiliate commerce-driven sales through organic, compelling content; closely top-edited all social media and newsletter copy to establish the Men’s Health voice across channels and improve reach, shares, and open rates; supervised junior staffers, coordinated all assignments and deadlines, cultivated new freelancers, and oversaw a deep bench of esteemed contributors.

And then there’s the really fun stuff: I’ve interviewed hundreds of celebrities and athletes ranging from Cam Newton to Mike Tyson to Vanilla Ice; cohosted and produced several podcasts including Men’s Health Live, a weekly radio show and podcast syndicated in 45 national markets; starred in dozens of goofy web videos; covered music festivals and Super Bowls; and voluntarily conducted experiments like wearing high heels for a day and pitching colossally dumb business ideas to the billionaires on Shark Tank.

As a freelance writer and editor, I regularly contribute (and slice and dice) original reported stories at diverse outlets such as Playboy, VICE, Men’s Journal, Billboard, Spartan Race, Lodging Magazine, Talent Quarterly, Linkwell Health, Pet360, and Lehigh Valley Live, covering everything from entrepreneur profiles to travel packages to TV reviews.

Barstool Cover

I’m also the author of the upcoming book, The Barstool Book Of Sports: Stats, Stories, and Other Stuff for Drunken Debate (Lyons Press, September 2017). From proposal to publish, I spent more than a year researching and writing this debate bible that’s packed with punchy, quick-hitting lists, illustrations, and sidebars to help fans transform their sports knowledge and sound smarter and more confident in drunken trivia duels—even when they can’t quite see straight. I tackle hard-hitting questions like these: What’s the easiest sport for a fat guy to play? Where’s the saddest fan base in America? What are the dumbest athlete injuries ever? Which NFL player should star alongside CGI animals in the football version of Space Jam? Consider the book a toast to every intoxicated sports argument you’ve ever had.

A graduate of Lehigh University (we beat Duke), I’m usually on Twitter (@skippyd) waxing poetic about various things (the Phillies, Japandroids, and my dog, Draper). In my spare time I drink beer, make music in my basement, and frequently wonder what story I’d tell Alex Trebek if and when I’m a contestant on Jeopardy. It took me an hour to write this.

I’m forever chasing the most captivating stories that haven’t yet been told, and welcome all opportunities to share them with new audiences.
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