Andrew Daniels is a senior editor for It’s a position that requires him to dispense invaluable advice as a man, a distinction he’s proudly held since his Bar Mitzvah in the seventh grade. (Accordingly, his voice didn’t catch up until somewhere around senior year of high school, resulting in several devastating Peter Brady moments in the interim.) At Men’s Health, his niche is writing about pop culture and sports, interviewing athletes, celebrities, and rappers he once dressed up as for Halloween. Plus, ever since breaking the record for most Facebook likes on a story about the health benefits of horse semen, he’s fortuitously been assigned the “weird stuff no one else on staff wants to touch” beat, which has resulted in a collection of clips to make any mother equally proud and disgusted.

He gets paid to star in music videos with scantily clad women, hit the road to hang out at rock festivals and Super Bowls, and pitch colossally dumb business ideas to billionaire investors. A graduate of Lehigh University, he’s usually on Twitter (@skippyd), waxing poetic about the Phillies, or (still) boasting about winning his fantasy football league last season. In his spare time, he drinks beer, makes music in his basement, and frequently wonders what story he’d tell Alex Trebek if and when he’s a contestant on Jeopardy. It took him an hour to write this.